LA Design Festival Takes Over Downtown LA

Jun 17 2011

To say that we place a heavy emphasis on design elements at The Standard would be an understatement. Both in our own properties and in the worlds of art, architecture, fashion and beyond we appreciate (and often fawn over) great design.

Here in LA, we’re particularly excited for the end of June each year when Dwell on Design takes over the LA Convention Center for a weekend to showcase the finest work of designers from around the globe. This year, the folks behind the event decided that a few days simply wasn’t enough and as a result LA Design Festival was born! 

Spanning two weeks, the fest encompasses many events, including Dwell on Design, and The Standard is happy to be its official hospitality partner.

Why a Design Festival? Design is a process of creativity that realizes objects, places and communications that enhance our society and culture. The process of design is embedded in the identity and commerce of greater Los Angeles and the scope and scale of creative design talent in our region is vast.  

by graphic designer Ashkahn Shahparnia

Whether it is world class architecture, the design studios of major auto brands, the creative forces behind entertainment and communications or a boutique studio focused on fashion or product — the design economy in Los Angeles is significant. We feel it is time to celebrate our status as a global design capital.