Panda Bear Free Stream

Apr 08 2011

Panda Bear is coming out with a new album. If you’re a fan of Animal Collective, then you’ve already been a fan of this member gone solo. Currently, the new music is set for release on April 19, but we’re never sure in this wacky music business since dates are subject to change.

There is one solid thought you can rely on: According to NY Magazine, the new Panda Bear album is streaming for free on NPR. Give it a whirl. 

Track Listing:

01 You Can Count on Me

02 Tomboy

03 Slow Motion

04 Surfers Hymn

05 Last Night at The Jetty

06 Drone

07 Alsatian Darn

08 Scheherezade

09 Friendship Bracelet

10 Afterburner

11 Benfica