Wanderlust Countdown with Elena Brower

Mar 16 2011

Are you ready for Wanderlust Miami this week, March 17-20th? We hope so because The Standard Miami is ready to have you. The event is a 3 day yoga retreat with some of the finest yoga instructors and spa treatments at our hotel. One of the four teachers this year is Elena Brower, a powerfully glowing woman who brings healing to all who visit her classes in New York City. You can also read some very helpful nuggets of wisdom in her columns, The Art of Attention, Huffington Post or CrazySexyLife.

Elena took a moment to speak about her upcoming week in the sun, her music inspiration, and even provide some tips before Thursday. 

In your own words, tell us what this grand week is about… for us civilians who don’t know what Wanderlust is?

For me, this festival is about healing, listening, practicing, dancing and getting closer to yourself.

So does every yoga instructor have their own flavor [for instructing] this week to set them apart from others? What’s yours?

Definitely. My mission on this planet is to help everyone get more spacious and clear about who they are and how they can serve in the world. I combine Anusara yoga with what I’ve learned from Rajanaka yoga and my coaches at the Handel Group to serve up an intense but super nurturing practice.

You teach in New York and this retreat is under the sun… what is the most glorious setting you have taught a class in?

Teaching 10,000+ people in Central Park was pretty breathtaking. 20,000 arms in the air. Magic.

Is there a spa treatment at The Standard Spa that you adore the most?

The Turkish Hamam Rub and Scrub or the Four Hands Massage.

In terms of diet, what is the best food to focus on during a retreat like this?

Light, nourishing - try to eat anything that grew from the ground or off a tree. That will keep your body running smoothly.

What is your guilty pleasure? C’mon, we know you have one.

I just quit smoking finally. My coach asked me how many cigarettes I’d have my son smoke per week, and that was that. So now I’ve been learning about the finer points of wine.

What is your favorite song lately that you tend to play in class?

I tend not to play music. I have live musicians come. Currently, most consistently I have Garth Stevenson playing, and he’ll be joining me at Wanderlust… he brings the quality of attention in the room to another stratosphere, a higher level of focus and poetry.

Any final words to our readers who’ve never been to a retreat like this before? Words of wisdom to join a week like this?

I love it because you can come here and have your day mapped out; two or three classes, meditations, water time, poolside time, naptime, excellent fresh food, super attentive staff and then on top of it all, outrageous music to which you can dance your *** off! What more is there?

Can you share any tips with us before this commences on Thursday?

Bring a notebook or your journal. These outstanding teachers will be leading you on several sweet trips to your heart, and it’s a good idea to document the way in, so you know how to get back there once you’re back in real life!

Bring a sarong. Much nicer than a towel or a yoga blanket and serves as your shavasana blanket, your pool wrap, and your hammam wrap. Bring your Omega 3’s, your Vitamin C and most importantly, your water bottle.

You’ll be doing a lot of yoga in a short time, so you’ll want to take superb care of your body.


For schedules and more details, go to Wanderlust Miami