Johan Lindeberg's BLK DNM

Feb 16 2011

(Johan Lindeberg’s BLK DNM on

Today was the digital premiere of Johan Lindberg’s new BLK DNM line, directed by Martin de Thurah. The result? A beautifully inspired tale of love, fear, insecurity, and strength between man and woman. The short is not overly scripted or under scripted. It’s just the right amount of dialogue and mysterious nuances to showcase the Swedish designers new collection. The term “branded content” has been carelessly toiled with throughout fashion week, but in the case of BLK DNM, we feel this is a proper experiment in the new genre.

Johan Lindberg confessed to Nowness about the fact the storyline hints at his own real life, “I went through a recent break-up and wanted to use my own dynamic to inspire the film,” Lindeberg says. “I am fascinated by the way in which fashion both provokes and reflects the human narratives around it.”

Watch BLK DNM on Nowness.