Boobs & Flower Captions

Feb 03 2011

DListed is one of our all time favorite blogs in the world.  The genius behind the madness is a little skinny gay guy named Michael K.  We don’t mean to out the guy, but if you read his work, it’s really no secret.  His love for men shows up on the site more than Chicken Cutlets does, but I’m really getting ahead of myself here.

My favorite part of the blog are the “Caption This” contests where Michael posts a crazy picture found on the web and his readers have to come up with appropriate captions for it.

Yesterday’s contest featured a still taken from an installation at The Standard, Miami during Art Basel inspired by Olaf Breuning’s short film, Boobs & Flowers.  Check out the contest and caption winner here.  It is a winner indeed!  Keep up the good work, Michael!