Skating With The REAL Stans, I mean, Stars

Dec 22 2010

Ever since we opened softly our skating rink this past weekend, I haven’t been able to feel my frozen toes. I have been giving you some crazy Stan D’oitano moves coupled with a Tonya Harding triple axel and a Nancy Kerrigan lead pipe pirouette. Ouch. My knees already hurt just thinking about it.

ANYSKATE….I’ve been shredding the ice for four days now, and I have yet to see you there by my side. I have hot toddies waiting. I have skates on Stan D’by. This is not a miniature polyurethane alleyway that provides a faux “gliding experience” like some others might have you believe. We’re the real deal with real ice!!! So bring your best (Yojhi) Yamaguchi down to The Standard, New York and show me what you got!

The party starts at 10am, and I’m always skating….martini in hand as the shaky video above proves. I filmed it just for you!

Oh, and if you love the Sleepyhead song in the video, download for it free in Standard Sounds!