Oct 04 2010

When you woke up this morning and logged onto the interwebs, you had no idea that we were sitting here and waiting for you to show up.  Now you’re here, and we’re in love.  We know.  It was inevitable that it would happen.  Our psychic told us so.

What we have done for you, our little Stan D’elovelies, is taken our Standard Hotel world and brought you our most culturally relevant tidbits that your little hearts could desire. 

For instance, our Gallery features all the photography taken by our favorite photogs including Bruce Weber, Steven Klein and Olivier Zahm to name a few.  The Latest section is our main feed of news, postings, guest bloggers, family and friends.  You’re gonna love it.  

We wouldn’t be the “latest” in any regard without our Friends, bien sur!  This is the part where we’ve asked our nearest and dearest to guest blog for us including photographer Cheryl Dunn, filmmaker Casey Neistat and gallerist Al Moran, amongst others.  Let us know if you’d like to guest blog for us too, and we’ll work something out.

The Events page is where you’ll find all the hottest happenings at all the properties in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.  Meet our gorgeous staff in the Family section, and if you’re staying at one of the properties, you can record your own video there too!  

The Standard Sounds section will blow your mind with FREE downloadable playlists reflective of and curated by each hotel…and they change monthly!

Standard Shop is a new and improved utopia of products, artist collabs and select special items from the hotels that you can take home as your own.

So there you have it.  Our world is your oyster, and your oyster is our world.  We’ll see you back here tomorrow if not later today.  Look for my Stan D’elicious avatar to know when it’s me coming at you, and if you can’t get enough, just follow me on Twitter!