Barbara Kruger is our Neighbor

Sep 20 2010

The Whitney is coming downtown, and Lordy are we excited! One of the reasons is because the site of the future museum happens to be directly next door to our New York building which means all our hotel guests have incredible “eye-candy” to behold each month.

The Whitney has begun to wet our appetites by commissioning large public art projects. The task at hand for each artist is to illustrate their voice by only using printed vinyl to cover the area and fences of the fertile area… in other words, to bless the street corner with some creativity that lifts the spirit. So far, Guyton/Walker and Tauba Auerbach have expressed themselves at this space.

(Barbara Kruger at the new Whitney site next to Standard New York)

Barbara Kruger’s work is up now until October 17th, doing her typography that she does so well. The works are available to view from the High Line and is situated on the corner of Washington Street and Gansevoort. The view (pictured below) is a candid snapshot from The Standard, New York’s 18th floor. If you notice the highlighted area illustrates the entire space where The Whitney will be housed. 

(Birds-Eye Views from our 18th Floor at Standard New York)

The building will be designed by Renzo Piano. Just think, now when you check into our hotel, prepare to see a live public art show peering out of your window… the birth of the downtown Whitney unfolding on a daily basis.