Phil Lumbang Hits The Standard

Aug 14 2010

If you’re the type of person to stop and smell the roses around Los Angeles, you would have paid attention to all the cute fuzzy bears sprouting up around the city in the last year. The maker is an artist named Phil Lumbang, and he is just as sweet and jovial as his creatures. His work has been featured in several art magazines and he officially presented at the Giant Robot exhibition at the Japanese American Museum outside of Little Tokyo. 

We decided to give him a ring and ask him to hit up our hotel wall located outside at the Downtown Standard in Los Angeles. We now find that all our guests walk outside of our building and crack a big smile for no reason. We suspect it’s the happy bear.

Here’s a day-in-the-life for Phil as he spreads the gospel to passerby’s along the highway. Notice a cop car drives by, then they oddly leave the scene. Perhaps they thought the bears weren’t menacing enough for an arrest?

To see more of Phil’s work, go to