Product 81

Jul 29 2011

The Standard Miami recently reached 500 members in their club. What does this mean? Well, in addition to our many hotel guests, we also have a nice local family in our Miami location that comes to hang out and enjoy our amenities. The eclectic mix of people is part of what makes the space so inviting and brings that fresh vibe of chillness.

And now for the introduction to our next Q&A, one of our many upcoming ones that introduce you to the Standard Members Club.

The Standard: Tell us something about yourself personally and what you do… and how you ended up living in Miami?

We are a husband and wife team - Bibi was born and raised in Miami, a true Miamiera and Alex was born in BAQ, Colombia - often coming to Miami on vacation for many many years. Together, we built Product 81. It is a creative lab based in Miami’s thriving Wynwood Arts District. We are an ever-growing cultural experiment. A platform for expression, creation and growth. All-in-all, we are culture designers.

(Bibi and Alex, Product 81)

How would you describe the locals who frequent The Standard and the vibe of the other member, if you happen to know them?

We frequent the Standard quite often - and the vibe of the locals is totally chill and cool. Great place for mingling and networking, for sure.
Would you say you spend most of your time in the Pool? or the Hamam? or the Gym? Explain.

Definitely the pool, but we love the Hamam and Yoga Room for a little R+R.

In terms of mental well-being, healing, and general peace of mind… how would you rate your evolution in this area since becoming a member?

We are healthier, happier and totally chill.
In terms of food — can you tell us your favorite dish by our very own Chef Mark, that you love ordering off our menu?

Love the grilled veggies.
We have lots of different employees but is there one trainer or just staffer that you’d like to give a shout-out to? Someone who is a friendly face that always takes good care of ya?

Marcello!! Chalkboard-extraordinaire and Renea, the Super Health Guru!

What are your top 3 favorite places in Miami? — places where you can relax, unfold, and take in the beautiful view?

The Standard of course, our apartment and la playa.


Want to join the membership club? Get yourself a corner at our spot — before it’s too late! Contact the membership team at The Standard Miami.