Tour de Stan

Aug 17 2011 / stan d'arde

You’ll remember last week I told you about the new bikes we have at The Standard, New York, right?  Well, the other I day, I took one of the bikes out for a gorgeous summer ride around the hotel and the neighborhood.  It was so amazing, I decided to create an Instagram tour of all my favorite spots.  With this, I present to you, Stan D’arde’s Bike Tour: Meatpacking.

The first stop was BUCKLER by my good friend, Andrew Buckler.  The sheer genius of this man’s fashions is indescribable.  Always fashion forward.  Silhouettes perfect beyond question.  Jeans that fit like they were custom made for you.  And don’t forget my favorite pair of Sexy Bastard underwear.  God Bless America, People!

As I rode through Gansevoort Plaza a bunch of kids were playing in the street.  I tried to offer them candy, but one of the dads chased me down the street…KIDDING!

So distracted was I by all the children that I headed straight to downtown’s fashion mecca, Jeffrey.  Filled to the brim with every label under the sun, I had my bags delivered to the hotel as I wasn’t going to hang them on the handles as I rode around.  That wouldn’t be very chic of moi, now would it?

Perry Street!  You can see my pied-a-terre from here…

What would an afternoon on the Westside of Manhattan be without a stop at my favorite gallery in the city, Gagosian.  Two Damien Hirsts later, I wasn’t sure I could afford lunch…  (PS…the helmet is just a prop.  I wouldn’t dare mess up my gorgeous hair…don’t tell the police.)

Oooooh!  Double Rainbow!  And no, I did NOT ride my bike up to the Rooftop of Le Bain to take this picture.  I took the elevator for a glass of rosé mid-tour.  I know.  Couldn’t help myself.

Marc by Marc by Marc by Marc Jacobs kills me every time.  Essential for the weekends, MJ as I like to call him, doesn’t miss a beat.  Sometimes, I feel like he’s designing just for me.  Which could be the case as per our last conversation.  I’m his muse of sorts…or at least I’ve told him I am.

Vanilla Sky…

Home Sweet Home.

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