Tori Praver + Fashion Night Out

Sep 07 2011

This Thursday for Fashion Night Out, ROGAN and Loomstate are facing off with a group of city surf friends, showing original works with some proceeds going to charity. The crew consists of an allstar cast including Greg Long, Julie Gilhart, Tori Praver, Chris Christenson, Mitch Abshere, Captian Fin, Surf Bazaar, Pret-a-Surf, Maria Moyer, and Salvor Projects.

One of the items to be sold is a ROGAN vs Loomstate SRF+CTY tote bag with graphics printed on raw canvas that is 100% Organic Cotton ($20). Part of the proceeds will go to Waves for Water. The tote is available for sale starting on Thursday, September 8th during Fashion Night Out.

One of the evenings co-hosts, Swimwear Designer and model Tori Praver, took the time to speak to The Standard and share a little bit about the special night and what’s on her mind these days…

We hear you are getting together with your surfer friends Rogan, Chris Christenson, Greg Long among others to celebrate Fashion night Out. Can you tell us what exactly what SRF+CTY means?

It’s a collaboration with different people involved within the surf and fashions industries coming together to create a unique capsule collection of art and fashion.

What can guests expect to see at the party this Thursday versus any other Fashion Night Out event?

Some good original designs… some of it going towards a good cause. I would also guess some really great people and good vibes!

As an avid beach lover, what is your favorite beach in the world and why?

My favorite beach is Napili Bay in Maui Hawaii. This was the beach I grew up going to as a kid and spent a lot of time at. Its really special to me.

You design for your eponymous swimwear line, Tori Praver Swimwear. Tell us about the new collection and the inspiration for the new batch of bathing suits.

The theme of my new collection is color blocking. I was inspired by the bright colors of spring and summer.

You are a tri-coastal lady with a home in New York, Los Angeles, and Maui. Can you tell us the one favorite thing about each city?

Culture and amazing food in NY. The year round great weather in LA. The beauty and warm waters of Maui.

Right now in terms of surf culture, what inspires you the most right now?

I grew up in Hawaii and have been exposed to the surf culture all my life and have always lived the lifestyle. I would say I’m less inspired by the culture than I am inspired to design for women who surf. I always had a hard time finding bikinis that stayed on while surfing, so I always keep that in mind when designing.

We know you’re a busy bee jugging lots of things – in terms of projects, what is next on your plate? **

I’m just trying to expand into cover-ups and other beach accessories at the moment. Believe it or not, even though bikinis are not much fabric, there a lot of work to create!!

Check ROGAN’s Official site this week for some new SRF CTY collaborator interviews and learn more.

And for the boys, we have our very own custom swimwear designed by Quiksilver available here.