Lindsey Thornburg's New Cloaks

Sep 19 2011

Lindsey Thornburg is a local New York Designer we’ve seen blossom since her first collection of incredible cloaks in 2007. Lindsey recently released her third full ready to wear collection. The collection was released with a little short film called “Tom Fool Are We?”. The film follows two mischievous “clowns” as they gallivant through the countryside.

We asked Lindsey a few more questions about her inspiration for the short, and what she has on her plate right now?

Congratulations on releasing another collection. Tell us a bit about the inspiration for this seasons patterns and colors?

Thank you! It means a lot to me to be able to keep people warm another season. Well, my custom print this year was based on a photograph of a brushfire. We added a new silhouette to the cloaks the “trench cloak”. The trench cloak has an over sized bell sleeve which gives you more mobility without losing the feeling of the cloak.

Can you tell us a bit about this short story on two women in the forest? What are they seeking?

It seems to me they are just precocious girls trying to have a good time. Isn’t that what all us gals are fundamentally doing? Playing dress up to get guys or girls to pay attention to us (at least in this city) . As much as we tried to work with a narrative we just ended picking the best imagery and building the story around the edit. The film is based on Jean Rollins REQUIEM POUR UN VAMPIRE (1971), so for all you film aficionados we are well aware this isn’t an original idea. Olivia, Crystal, and I are just paying homage to our love of 1960 psychedelic directors such as Rollin and Alejandro Jodorowsky.

We noticed you expanded your collection a few seasons ago beyond your classic cloaks? Is there any other new type products you haven’t made yet that you care to explore?

I think I’ll stick to the the cloaks and collection right now - not over saturate my brain and just perfect my craft.

Is there a specific cloak that sells the most with your loyal fanbase?

Mid length cloaks.

What has been the biggest lessons you’ve learned with managing your namesake line, and do you have any advice to aspiring new designers?

Have fun! Surround yourself with good people, do whatever you’re doing with integrity and people will feel that energy in your work. If you want people to perceive your brand as special… make it special.

Be nice to everyone as much of the time as possible. Fashion is such a team effort, you never know who could help you. Unless you have money, then you can do whatever you want and just pay people off. People react well to kindness and/or money. I don’t have much money so I just try to be nice and sincere. Unless I’m dealing with people who have entitlement issues or can’t see their own flaws. Then I’m not very nice (but they usually have money and the constant company of their ego - so they’ll be fine :)

Where can one see the whole collection?

What else are you working on right now?

Hydrating my skin and planning the photo shoot for my collaboration with The Reformation.

Watch “Tom Fool Are We?” here starring Cailin Hill and Marianna Rothen. All photos are shot by Olivia Malone. Directed by Crystal Moselle.