Saints + Sinners: Halloween at the Top of The Standard

Oct 30 2011 / stan d'arde

Tim Furzer-Kardashian & Kevin Carrigan-Kardashian

There’s a lot that happens on the 18th Floor of The Standard, New York, and most of the time, I’m sworn to secrecy about the details. But when it comes to our annual Halloween party, there is no way I’d be able to keep it from you. You remember last year’s Halloween, right? Well, this year made that look like child’s play.

The 1%: Zoe Turnbull, Chris Tennant, Sarah Cristobal & David Goldweitz

For the festivities, my very own André Balazs along with his friends Thomas Hayo, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran and André Saraiva, hosted Sinners & Saints at The Standard, New York. All of the friends came out to try and scare me…didn’t work. I was dressed as Stan D’Arde circa 2003 and no one could notice. Adrien Brody showed up with China Chow. Calvin Klein brought his entourage. Marc Jacobs snuck in hidden behind a sea of afros. Gilles Mendel told me that it was the party of the year, while Carmen D’Alessio said she “felt like I am back at Studio 54”.

Flashback from my youth

Of course it wouldn’t have been a party without my martini (or seven), and thanks to Kanon Vodka who came on board to help fuel the fire, I wasn’t left wanting for more. To get a glimpse into the madness that was last night, visit our Gallery section and try to spot me in the mayhem.