Sunday Night Bingo At The Standard, New York

Nov 04 2011

As you know, Bingo is one of our favorite pass times at The Standard, New York (must see: last weekends spooky Bingo night). This Sunday, curl up with your Bingo card, corall some hotel guests, and bond over a competitive game of chance. Below is the scrumptious menu to devour while filling up your card and equally important, this month’s THEMES!

November’s Bingo Themes are:

  1. Nov 6th - Occupy Bingo
  2. Nov 13th - Spice Girls Bingo
  3. Nov 20th - Ninja Bingo
  4. Nov 27th - Glee Bingo

Hmmm these themes might have been inspired by all the Halloween costumes at our party last weekend…

Do you have any theme ideas? Please let us know!

Not your Standard Bingo is held every Sunday at 10:30PM at The Standard Grill. Every week there’s a new theme and giveaways. RSVP’s can be made at (212)645.4100.