Artillery + The Standard Present: Artillery Mix

Nov 04 2011

Nothing is more autumnal than curling up with a good book. In the spirit of the season The Standard and Artillery are partnering again up to bring you Artillery Mix, readings with some of the best and brightest literary artists around. Join us, Tuesday, November 8th in the Cactus Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood for readings with John Tottenham, Anthony Ausgang, Eve Wood, Mary Woronov, and Gordy Grundy.

Just reading these artist bios will give you a taste of the literary witticisms we’ll have in store for you:

John Tottenham After graduating from London’s worst art school in the mid-‘80s, John moved to the United States, where he has resided ever since, mostly toiling upon the lower slopes of journalism. After many years of resistance, he finally sold out to the lucrative, fast-paced world of poetry. He is the author of one book, The Inertia Variations, an epic and ever-expanding poetic cycle on the subject of work-avoidance, failure and indolence. He is also the leading force behind the Campaign to Stamp Out ‘Awesome’: a movement aimed towards expunging this nauseatingly ubiquitous (and by now completely meaningless) superlative from the adult vernacular.

Anthony Ausgang Anthony Ausgang is a painter and writer who was banished to Hollywood from Texas for eating too many Eskimo Pies. His first break came at the Zero One Gallery when the art dealer there traded a painting for a bag of shitty weed. Ausgang now shows with the Copro Gallery in Los Angeles and at the Antonio Colombo Gallery in Milan. His latest novella The Sleep of Puss Titter is out on Kerosene Bomb.

Eve Wood Eve Wood is the author of five books of poems, Love’s Funeral, and Six, (published by Cherry Grove Collections), Artistic Children Breathe Differently, (Hollyridge Press), a chapbook entitled Paper Frankenstein published by Beyond Baroque Press and Correspondence (Gegensatze Press, Austria) Her work has appeared in numerous journals including The Best American Poetry 1997, The New Republic, The Denver Quarterly, and many others. Wood writes art criticism for ArtUS, Flash Art, Artillery, Tema Celeste, ArtUS, Artext, Artweek, and, Bridge Magazine,, Flash Art, and Art Papers etc. Also a visual artist, Wood was represented for six years by Western Project and for three years by Susanne Vielmetter; LA Projects.

Mary Woronov Kicked out of Cornell and famous for her gender-slippage in the age of Warhol, some say she is blind as a fucking bat. Not only does she not believe painting to be a language of symbols but she has firmly stated that the world is flat. Recently incarcerated for an emotional involvement with a Frances Bacon (yuk) we are proud to announce that she still has all her own teeth.

Gordy Grundy Gordy Grundy is a Los Angeles based artist and arts columnist. A native of Newport Beach, he has been influenced by sunny flights of SoCal fancy, the bold stroke and a grand gesture. Disneyland, the secrets of Hollywood re-creation, the healing power of pop and the magic of allure continue to motivate him. His latest effort in hyper-reality can be found at

Hysterical, right?

See you Tuesday!