The Standard Ice Rink is Back!

Nov 18 2011 / stan d'arde

As the last few leaves make it off the trees, we bring you the most anticipated winter treat: The Standard Ice Rink! The recent mild weather threw us for a loop, but the autumn chill has arrived and we’re gearing up to open Monday (though we try, we can’t fully control the temperatures so follow @standardny to get official word on when the rink doors open). Yes, that’s right my little Stan D’Adventurers, just like last winter, the rink has returned for a season filled with frozen frolicking and Aprés Skate delights.

Today we welcome you back to the happiness of propelling your bodies faster than nature intended. The Kaffeeklatsch is also back, but this time with sweet and savory crêpes and waffles topped with goodness beyond your wildest imagination. Hot chocolates abound, as does the Glühwein. Spice apple cider is my drink of choice…only with a shot of bourbon to keep my old bones warm.

Photo by. Reza Nader

Bring the kids, the parents, the friends but not the dog (we don’t have skates in his/her size unfortunately). Make sure to take lots of photos and send them to so that your ice skating poses can live forever here. Stay tuned to find out about upcoming ice skating lessons, ice hockey tournaments and other special events – ahem, we wonder what Johnny is up to?