Interview: WeSC + The Standard Filmmakers FriendsWithYou

Nov 11 2011

WeSC and The Standard proudly present the final in a series of short films created by a group of selected artists who are an active part of the Superlative Conspiracy. This week we introduced our directors – Beth Reisgraf, Cheryl Dunn, STEED LORD, and Giovanni Reda. The final and 5th artist team is FriendsWithYou (Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval) who created a short film at The Standard, Miami. Here’s a few thoughts from the creative minds nestled in our cozy backyard with 2 beach babes…

The Standard: You are a part of the arts project created for the WeSC x The Standard Collaboration. Could you tell us a bit how that came about?

Arturo and Sam: We love WeSC. They’re nice people and it’s a nice project. We also love The Standard hotels, so it was a fun opportunity to make some kind of dream “Play Date” there.

In your Standard film, describe the world you have created, and why?

It’s a beautiful daydream of a magical friend who comes to Earth for one day of play. Maybe it is just a dream.

At what age did you first fall in love with filmmaking, and how did you experiment to get it out of your system?

Growing up watching TV and movies, we are all greatly affected by how to bring ideas to life and make them a reality. Films are magical and yet another way to spread out message of magic, luck, and friendship.

When you travel, what are the top 5 things that must be on your person?

Nothing really. I like to absorb the surroundings a lot and experience everything, so no need to bring anything with me!

Please share one director/film that changed your life? Why? **

Alejandro Jodorowsky. His amazing symbolism and ideas teach us about our subconscious. He brings us further in tune with the strange things inside our head. Miyazaki is another great director that explores spirituality and beautiful ideas with a world he creates time after time.

What is your favorite unassuming corner of the Standard Hotel in your city? **

The spa and the pool are amazing.

How do you see the Superlative Conspiracy including you into the way it works?

It feels like we are all a part of this modern culture.

In 2011, what was the most impactful place you visited in this world? Why?

Mmmm… probably Sao Paolo, Brazil. It’s like the wild west during the gold rush, meets NY and LA! It’s such an amazing thing to see a city growing around you.

What is the ultimate dream project you plan to shoot before you leave this earth?

There are too many.

Name your top 3 films that are set inside a hotel.

Darjeeling is great! Hmmm, I don’t know many others.

What are you working on right now?

Trying to make amazing experiences for the world as always with our huge installations and working on an animated show for kids of the world. Teaching beautiful ideas and sharing culture together.

Play Date by Friends With You from The Standard Hotel on Vimeo.