Hahn-Bin Performs at Joe's Pub

Dec 15 2011

Born in Seoul, violin virtuoso Hahn-Bin made his international debut at age twelve at the 42nd Grammy Awards in an event honoring Isaac Stern. Afer that, he became a protégé of the legendary Itzhak Perlman. Today, the dynamic 23-year-old violin virtuoso Hahn-Bin embodies the renaissance of classical music mixed with a unique cocktail of performance art. He performs at venues such as Carnegie Hall yet seems dressed out of the racks of Opening Ceremony, giving the classical genre a potent injection of new blood. “I am Viagra to classical music and Aspirin to pop culture” he says. He doesn’t experience Bach any different than Madonnna, and his range of influences can all be seen during his performances.

A few nights ago Hahn-Bin hosted a special performance at Joe’s Pub, our new neighbor. As with most of his shows, it was set to an emotional narrative. “The show begins from my afterlife” explains Hahn-Bin, “and I am summoned by my spirit caller to join my funeral-goers to tell the tales I couldn’t before my death. Now that I have accepted the darkness, and no longer fighting/romancing/questioning or fantasizing about it, I am finally able to express it without fear, without any hesitation. Till Dawn Sunday is about my survival through the night. Till Dawn Sunday is about finding my sunrise”. The symbolism of all these emotions were expressed with devices via the costume, dinner table, rose, and ultimately the releasing of red balloons.

Rewind almost a year ago when Hahn-Bin performed at the Top of The Standard for the V Magazine Fashion Week party. In case you missed it, here is the video by Bill Stepanoski:


Photos by Kevin Yatarola 2011.