Kim Ann Foxman is It.

Dec 22 2011

Kim Ann Foxman is back at Le Bain! The former singer of Hercules & Love Affair is a New York It Girl: she has been touring as a DJ for years, is a successful street-chic jewelry designer and now releases her solo records on Andrew Butler’s own label Mr. Intl. The party will feature another Mr. Intl artist, Shaun J. Wright and be hosted by Silvia Prada and Randal Jacobs. We met Kim a few weeks ago for a Standard Q&A.

Kim Ann Foxman by Daniel Riera.

The Standard: You have been a New York cool cat for some years now. Do you mind if we call you ‘a New York It Girl’?

Kim Ann Foxman: (Laugh) I’m flattered that you would consider me an It Girl. There are so many amazing and inspiring girls and guys in New York that are really good at what they do. That’s what is rad about New York. I think its really motivating to be around.

What would be your own definition of ‘It Girl’?

A girl that has some power of attraction, that draws people to them for reasons. Maybe it’s because they are talented, maybe it’s personality, maybe its also physical, but i think it’s really about being well rounded with all of those things.

You were born and raised in Hawaii, where you describe yourself as a ‘raver girl’. How did the rave scene look like in the middle of the Pacific in the early 90’s? Was it close to paradise?

The rave scene was really small, but it was cute. And naturally it was close to paradise. Sometimes they were literally in Paradise. I think the scene was inspired by the San Francisco scene in ways, California is the closest place to Hawaii so that would make sense. But of course we didn’t have the options in Hawaii that other places had. It wasn’t like you had a zillion parties to choose from on any weekend. At least we had something, and some good DJs came through too.

You said you remember seeing Deee-Lite live in a club there. Was this a key moment of your life?

Lady Miss Kier is an icon for me. She is my hero. I didn’t think I would ever be so involved in dance music, but I knew that I wanted to be around it because I loved it so much.

“Creature” by Kim Ann Foxman, produced by Andy Butler.

Before moving to New York, you lived in San Francisco for a while. Do you sometimes miss the Pacific Ocean or are you definitely a New York Creature?

Every place I have loved is a part of me. My roots are Hawaii for sure. Moving to San Francisco really shaped me and gave me a lot of experiences that made me who I am. It was the perfect transition to get to New York. When I first moved to San Francisco, I thought I was in such a huge city. It was so different for me. Now that I’ve been in New York a while, I have become quite a New York creature as well. I love New York. and after living here for so long, it’s hard to picture living anywhere else. It’s addicting. I try to visit Hawaii every so often. I really miss the ocean, and weather and culture of Hawaii, especially the food.

If you had the super power to change something in New York, what would it be?

I would clean all the rivers so we could actually swim in them in the summer and we have parties, river dance parties. (Laugh)

You started collecting records at 18 and have never stopped. You said it is Andy Butler (of Hercules & Love Affair) who taught you how to ‘dig obscure records’. Can you share some of your tricks to find this Precious Little Diamond?

We used to go digging for records a lot. Some tricks are: don’t only look at the cover, or buy things you know. Grab a stack and listen to everything. That’s how you discover gems - by listening that stuff you don’t know. Of course if you see something produced by a producer you like, or a label that you know has stuff on it that you like, or year that you like - and you haven’t heard it, just have a listen. For a bunch of crap you may go through, you definitely find some gems!

If you had to describe your music in one movie or book, which one would it be?

That’s so hard. Maybe it would be Close Encounters of the Third Kind with a cross over into some gay underground 80’s movie.

Kim by Martien Mulder.

If you have the power to teleport yourself in one movie and live in it and interact with characters, what would you pick?

The Never Ending Story.

What is your motto behind the decks?

Just have fun, and dance! I never plan stuff as that kills the excitement. Feeling the moment is best.

What is your motto on stage?

Have lots of fun, let go, feel it, put on a show!

And in life?

Do what truly makes you happy.