TO DO This Week

Jan 17 2012

Now that most of you are fully recovered after the long weekend, you’re ready for an action packed week. Besides what’s happening at all The Standards, here are key things to do outside of the hotel:


Buy tickets to Bjork’s show today! Bjork is set to perform ten shows next month to further promote Biophilia. In true Bjork style, it’s going to be an intense experience that will go beyond stimulating your ears. She has teamed up with Creator’s Project and the New York Hall of Science to host science and music workshops as well. To learn more about her album, the apps, the and workshops read Stereogum’s interview.


Daniel Ashram is coming to the west coast! If you’re in LA this week make sure to check out his opening at the OHWOW Gallery on January 20th. If you’re not familiar with the artist or his work, read Standard Culture Contributor Johnny Misheff’s quick Q + A with him for T Magazine.

If that doesn’t completely scratch your art itch, indulge in this Taschen sale. You’ll find books discounted from 50% - 70% and spanning topics far beyond art, from architecture, design, film and beyond. Details here.


Chocolate festival. Yes, you read correctly. There’s a frickin chocolate festival starting tomorrow at The Fairchild Tropical Garden. Learn about various types of chocolate, delicious chocolaty recipes for chocolate, the chocolaty history of chocolate-making, and of course, chocolate taste testing of the chocolate. Chocolate. Details here.