Desert Nights: Rachel Goodrich, The Sweet Hurt, and Yellow Red Sparks

Mar 26 2012

Desert Nights!! Join us this Wednesday at The Standard, Hollywood for a night of music, cocktails, and an overall peaceful easy feelin’. This week, sadly, brings us to the last performance in the amazing Rachel Goodrich’s three-month residency. If you haven’t seen her yet you won’t want to miss this. Rachel Goodrich is a toe-tapping, kazoo playing, all-around good time!

Rachel Goodrich, looking doper than dope.

Rachel Goodrich: Rachel Goodrich (b. 1984) is an indie pop singer/songwriter from Miami Beach, Florida, United States. She has released two albums, “Tinker Toys” (2008) and “Rachel Goodrich” (2011). She has been writing songs since age 12 and plays the guitar, ukelele, piano, banjo, kazoo and autoharp, among other instruments. Creating this unique and exciting style, Rachel draws on some of her influences which include Joni Mitchell, The Grateful Dead, Tiny Tim, Dr. Seuss, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Bob Dylan & The Band, and so many more. With an eclectic live show featuring a growing collection of band members and toys, Rachel has carved out her own genre she calls “shake-a-billy.” Her music has also been described as an “eclectic blend of vaudeville-inspired indie pop, swing and country.”

We love ourselves some Wendy Wang (aka: The Sweet Hurt)! Click below to have a listen.

The Sweet Hurt: The Sweet Hurt is Wendy Wang. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Wendy’s beautifully crafted melodies and lush sounds capture dreamy azure skies and bittersweet California sunsets. Her first full-length album, ‘The Sweet Hurt,’ was released in August 2010 and includes “Things Fall Apart,” which appeared on the hit ABC television show Private Practice. A talented guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and keyboardist, Wendy has played for Charlie Wadhams, Patrick Park, Henry Wolfe, Correatown and Big Phony, and toured with The Bird & The Bee, Priscilla Ahn, Obi Best and Evan Voytas.

Yellow Red Sparks - The girls want them and the boys want to be them!

Yellow Red Sparks: “The art of dynamics is one that has been somewhat lost these days. Excessive lifestyles where nothing is ever enough have lead to a society full of longing for the unattainable, so when YRS came into the studio, it was a breath of fresh air. They contradict every aspect of shallow monotony that so many of us have grown numb to. YRS’s music matches their attitudes: kind, subtle, and thought provoking. Their session was simple: no more than three instruments were used at once, accompanied by Joshua Hanson’s melodic voice projecting his dark and riveting lyrics.” (Tonality Magazine)

What is Desert Nights?

Desert Nights is a weekly gathering at The Standard, Hollywood, hosted by KCRW’s DJ Valida. Every Wednesday, Valida curates three acoustic musical acts to perform a set in the Cactus Lounge. The vibe is warm and intimate, evoking an impromptu jam in a musician’s living room. The music begins at 7:30pm, it’s always free and always a good time. Guaranteed.