Susan Kirschbaum Gets Her Friends Naked: Nir Hod

Apr 13 2012

Weekends in New York can often be more hectic than the weekdays. How does one find time for those out-of-the-way, been-meaning-to-check-out “things?” Luckily, freelance reporter, Susan Kirschbaum, has done the legwork for us, reporting back with “naked” – unedited that is, everyone remains fully clothed – videos from the cultural frontier. Check back Saturdays for your weekend fix.

Watch the video first and then check out the image below. The iconic photograph will take on an entirely new – and bizarre – energy. Such is the work of the artist, Nir Hod. Here he discusses the inspiration for his new Mother paintings now showing at Paul Kasmin Gallery. Nir was born in Tel Aviv and is now New York based. He plays with the themes of glamor and loneliness, life and death. A star artist in our time – his work is collected all over the world – he possesses the Rubens hand mixed with a modern psychological twist. Time Out Magazine named this next exhibition one of the top ten to see in NYC this year.

  1. Paul Kasmin Gallery
  2. 515 West 27th Street
  3. March 28 – April 28th