Makeshift Makes it Work

May 18 2012 / stan d'arde

Design Week in New York City is upon us, and today marks the first day of Noho Design District at The Standard, East Village. But a few days ago in another installment of our Standard Talks series, we invited a few of our favorite friends over to discuss the shifting thoughts on Design, Fashion, Craft and Do-It-Yourself arts and how the bridge between designing and making can be crossed. The conversation was nothing short of inspiring.

Craft might seem like it’s for amateurs while fashion hails to the masters in far off lands, but there is a definite connection between the maker and the user, the crafter and the designers and subsequently the manufacturer. It is this exact hierarchical structure and format of relationship which was examined by the panelists including Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin, Rosanne Cash, famed singer and songwriter, Cathy Bailey of HEATH Ceramics and Maria Cornejo of Zero + Maria Cornejo. The evening was moderated by Andrew Wagner of KRRB and Jessamyn Hatcher, Professor Global Liberal Studies at NYU.

I could go on about how amazing the whole thing was, but that’s why I had them make a video for you. My words couldn’t possibly capture the genius of the moment.

Talk amongst yourselves…