This Friday at Le Bain, Chordashian Steals the Dog & Pony Show.

Jun 05 2012

This Friday at Le Bain, The Dog & Pony Show welcomes Chordashian, the Brooklyn-based duo formed by Felix Feygin and Michael Banks. Drawing inspiration from hip hop, late 80’s disco and funk, Chordashian has just released a remix of Drake’s Crew Love and is ready to rock the 18th dancefloor! Our friends at The Dog & Pony Show sat down with the duo for a Standard chat about their promising future.

Chordashian aka Michael Banks and Felix Feygin

The Dog & Pony Show: How did you two link up?

Felix: We met over the internet a couple of years ago. I don’t remember exactly how, but there might have been a dating site for “producers who want to be part of a duo” involved. Also our mutual love for Tim & Eric played an important role in solidifying our partnership.

Michael: I think it was called E-Melody, the #1 trusted online producer dating site. No relation to E-Harmony.

D&P: How did your debut remix for X-Press 2 came to fruition?

Felix: Both Darren’s (of X-press2 Ed.) have always been supporting my solo stuff under Feygin, so when I told them about Chordashian, they were happy to have us remix their upcoming single at the time. They’ve always been awesome and constantly feature our work on their radio show, even though most of the music they play is tech house. So next time you tune in, if you hear something that sounds out of place, it’s probably our next single!

D&P: That new Drake edit is catchy! How did that happen?

Michael: I’m a fan of the new electro-inspired hip hop that’s been coming out lately so I wanted to see what we could come up with. It was a lot of fun to make.

D&P: who does inspire you right now?

Felix: There’s so many artists, I think one of my favorites at the moment has to be Oliver, those guys are incredible producers. Generally anything from Kitsuné is diamond. Also love the whole Neon Gold family, especially this girl Foxes. She’ll be a big deal sooner or later. Our friends Zimmer and Goldroom are doing some amazing stuff as well. There’s just so many, but those few are on constant repeat.

Chordashian’s Black Eye

D&P: If you could be any food, which would you be and why?

Felix: I’d be a gummy bear, ‘cause its easy to swallow.

Michael: I’d be onion, cause if you slice me in half I’ll start crying.

D&P: Who’d look better in a two-piece, Kourtney Kardashian or Michael Banks?

Felix: Perhaps we’ll find out on June 8th ?

Michael: Kourtney for sure, those curves are on another level.

D&P: When’s the Chordashian E! True Hollywood Story airing?

Felix: Our next EP is coming out sometime soon, we’re just waiting to confirm a remix from one of our fav’ artist. We don’t really have any remixes that we are working on, but we do have a remix coming out for my close friend Affkt in July.

Michael: We’re working on a few other original productions that will eventually lead into a full album, a live show, and ultimately E! True Hollywood Story.

This Friday, Le Bain presents Dog&PonyShow featuring Chordashian, Kid Color (Chicago) and Paul Raffaele. 11pm. The Standard, New York.

Drake ft. The Weeknd Crew Love (Chordashian Remix)