Bookworms At The Standard Spa

Stan's Guide to the Miami Book Fair
Nov 07 2012 / stan d'arde

When I was child, my favorite thing to do while all the other kids played outside in the vineyard was cozy up in a club chair, don my reading spectacles, wrap myself in a cashmere throw, pour myself a virgin martini and bury my nose in a copy of War and Peace. Reading was my escape. It took me places I was only able to visit later on in life, like Moscow and Narnia. Lucky for me, I’ve seen more fabulous places than I read about back then, but I digress…

This Sunday, the Miami Book Fair is coming to town and will continue on through Sunday the 18th. Miami Beach will be overrun with authors, agents, publishers, librarians, and lots of other people who read good. The best part of it all? I’ll be there, too, to make sure it’s a party. A few other highlights…

In our first Miami installment of our famed Standard Talks series, we recruited our friend P. Scott Cunningham of the University of Wynwood and three of Magnum Photo’s star photographers—Bruce Gilden, Paolo Pellegrin and Gilles Peress—to discuss The American Dream. You might recall that these same photographers have spent the past month in Florida documenting all the folks who couldn’t vote for one reason or another. If there is any time left, I’ll be discussing my own American Dream. Make sure to RSVP!

Usually when I go to The Standard Spa, I never leave the property. But since it’s a book fair, and there isn’t a Barnes & Noble by the pool, we teamed up with our friends at Books & Books and OhWow Gallery to build a bookstore in the lobby. Yes. In the lobby. We’ve pulled together over 100 titles from the greatest authors and artists of all time to bring you the best selection of books in the state of Florida (probably.) Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood anyone? I don’t think it can get any better. But wait, yes it can…

For the entire month of November, in addition to your regular hotel reservation, we are offering you the Best Seller, which includes one of our limited-edition Standard Press books, a $50 gift card to Warby Parker and a daily Hamam Rub and Scrub. Yes, I said DAILY! I know. You love me, and I love you, too.

I realize that was a lot of information, but if you’re reading this sentence, you got through it all. Look forward to seeing you in Miami! Just ask for me at the front desk.