The Standard Miami Talks A Big Game

Magnum Photo's Bruce Gilden explores the American Dream.
Nov 13 2012
by Stan D’Arde

Bruce Gilden Photograph, Miami 2012

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach has been all abuzz with the Miami Book Fair in town. We built a pop-up bookstore. We gave you a sweet bookworm deal on rooms and spas. We even organized one of our famous Standard Talks last night with our long-terms residents from Magnum Photo.

The scene in the Lido Lounge at last night’s Standard Talk in Miami

The subject of the evening was The American Dream: Exploring Perceptions, and our favorite Magnum photographers Bruce Gilden, Paolo Pellegrin and Gilles Peress were expected to sit down with the University of Wynwood founder, P. Scott Cunningham. Unfortunately, Peress was stuck on assignment in New York City, and Pellegrin had to rush off for a last-minute rendezvous with the Miami S.W.A.T. team. (Pellegrin later joined the talk, and rumor has it that the S.W.A.T. team dropped him off at The Standard! Glad to see my tax dollars hard at work!)

Bruce Gilden Photograph, Miami 2012

Tasked with leading the talk on his own, Gilden did not disappoint. While talking us through his photographs of homeless ex-models, addicts and the elderly living on assistance, he showed us just how out of reach the American dream remains for many. Fame, fortune and glamour are what some people aspire to, but for a lot of people in this country, the dream is just to make it through the day. Gilden’s gorgeous photographs conveyed a real America with real people and a dream that isn’t always so real for the rest of us.

Stay tuned for more Standard Talks to come…