• By Cheryl Dunn
    By Cheryl Dunn
  • By Reza Nader
    By Reza Nader
  • By Dean Levin
    By Dean Levin
  • By Lele Jiulia
    By Lele Jiulia
  • By Peter Sutherland
    By Peter Sutherland

I Need A Vacation!

Don't we all
Nov 15 2012

ALLDAYEVERYDAY is hosting “I Need A Vacation” a group photo exhibition curated by Jake Sumner and Dean Levin opening this Friday at 7PM.

“I Need A Vacation!” turns back the clock to sunnier times. For this exhibition the curators invited a group of artists and photographers to contribute 4x6 snapshots that explore the free-spirited language of the vacation photo. While some take a more traditional approach and others challenge the notion of what a vacation picture can mean, the theme through all is a reflection on better times and how we memorialize these moments that never last.

All proceeds from show will be donated to the Bowery Mission Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.