• Kids love to skate!
    Kids love to skate!
  • crêpes, cider, hot chocy, spiked anything ... yum yum
    crêpes, cider, hot chocy, spiked anything ... yum yum
  • Skate till late.
    Skate till late.
  • Looking down on the ice rink
    Looking down on the ice rink
  • The competition can be fierce out there.
    The competition can be fierce out there.

Ice, Ice, Baby!

The skating rink has once again frozen my heart.
Nov 21 2012

The other morning, I woke up to find a cool tingly feeling in my chest. I originally thought that I had fallen asleep in bed and spilled my martini all over myself again, but that wasn’t the case. My heart had frozen over, and that could only mean one thing…that I need to pull all my cashmere out of the closet in the guest bedroom. Well, two things actually… THE ICE SKATING RINK AT THE STANDARD, HIGH LINE IS BACK!

As much as I love the ice rink, I really hate the sound of scraping ice. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me, which is quite unfortunate because it makes watching figure skating finals at the Winter Olympics quite difficult, but I digress…

This year, you’ll have all the things you’ve loved about the ice rink in the past, but with a few more surprises in store. As always, you’ll have the crepes and belgian waffles. There’s hot tomato and butternut squash soups. Hot chocolate, both dark and white, will warm your bellies. And my favorite…hot apple cider…don’t forget to spike it!

We’ve also added a few new items to the menu in the Living Room. Although I love the tuna tartare, the swedish meatball sandwich is going to be your winter mistress. The rink has only been open one day, and I’ve already had my fill. Chew ‘em up and spit ‘em out…only if you’re concerned about your figure.

Last but not least, starting in January, our legendary hockey tournament, WHAT THE PUCK?!, will return for its third season. This year, it’s even bigger and better than before, boasting 32 teams, 15 days of play and features 8 divisions of players competing over 5 weeks. Check back in later for more information on sign up and play.

The rink is open from 12pm - 12am weekdays and 9am - 1am on weekends. It’s only $12 + $3 skate rental for adults and $6 + $3 rental for kids. Skate lessons, as well as locker rentals, are available to all.

The Standard, High Line Ice Rink is located at 848 Washington at West 13th Street.

See you on the ice!